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Our slogan “attract talents with our cause and accomplish our cause with talents!”
We have established a set of strict and flexible promotion system to promote talents without limits to type or style. We’ve developed a favorable ideology where the able, the intelligent and the worthy ones are favored. Our management consists of experienced senior engineers, introduced elite and backbones ascending from grass-root posts.
The decision board attaches great importance to the role played by HR factors during company development and regards talents recruitment and reservation as a strategic issue. The company sticks to the enterprise culture policy of “people foremost”, which is embodied in the “three-emphasis”, i.e. emphasis on labor value of employees, emphasis on development right of employees and emphasis on education of employees.
In an era of new economy, both opportunity and development require innovation while talents serve as a decisive factor of innovation. We’ve been seeking for innovated concepts and institutions during HR development. We intend to create an atmosphere that’s open, fair and just, establish a mechanism where personal potentials are given full play, in order to benefit both the company and personnel.
Our experience and advantages in the past years suggest that training is the most effective way to enhance competitiveness and is of great importance to both the company and employees. To guarantee talents supply for the company’s rapid growth and steady development in the future, the company has worked out long-term training strategies.


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